The Name of the Bible God: YAHO!

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01 True vowels reading of YHWH ( with A and O reading for 'vav' ): YHWH.

02 Greek IAO from YAHO reading of YHWH (H in Greek become nothing in transcription to Greek): IAO.

03 Missing angels bowing in 5.Moses 32:43 5.Moses 32:43.

04 Mention of angels bowing in 5.Moses 32:43 (LXX=Septuagint) and Hebrews 1:6 5.Moses 32:43 (LXX).

05 Example of Masoretic reading YHWH like ELOHIM (differences of vowels from ADONAY) : Jer4:10 and Joshua7:7.

06 Missing second ELOHU (God) in text 'God of Earth': Isaiah52:12.

07 People come to Egipt (Gen.46:27, Exo.1:5 vs Acts 7:14): 70 or 75.

08 Missing word OR (light) in Isaiah 53:11: OR (light).

09 Source of difference between Metthew 1:23 (from 'kaleo') and LXX or MT reading (word: WKRA or WKRAT): WKRA/T.

10 Abraham didn't know name YHVH (when the hill gave its name): YHVH or ELHM.

11 Psalm 22:17 4Q88 (KRU): KRU.

12 Psalm 22:17 NahalHaver (KARU): KARU.

13 Paleo TAV (interesting letter form, last one), Ezekiel 9:6 TAVtable1 and TAVtable2

14 Sign of cross TAV+RO (sTAV-ROs) in old Papyrus: sTAV-ROs.

15 P46 (Form and God) Philippians 2:6: Form and God.

16 P66 (Monogenes=only-son=YAHID and Theos=God) John 1:18: Monogenes and Theos.

17 Differences between LXX and MT time from Genesis 5 and 11 (1500 years): LXXvsMStime.

18 Lost MS sources (picture from Wikipedia): LXXvsMS.

19 Will notes from rabin Yitzhak Kaduri about Messiah name (YHVŠVA = YAHOŠUA): YitzhakKaduri.

20 Jeremijah main differences between MT (Hebrew from 10 A.D.) and LXX (Septuagint): Jeremijah-MSvsLXX.